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Enrollment Guide

Types and requirements of application for international students

1) Undergraduate students (four-year schooling) : a high school diploma or above, the enrollment age not exceed 25 years old

2) Master's degree (three-year schooling) : a bachelor's degree or above, the enrollment age not over 35 years old

3)  Doctoral candidate (three-year schooling) : a master's degree or above, and the enrollment age not exceed 40 years old

4general advanced students: a high school diploma or above.

5) Senior advanced students: a bachelor's degree or above.

6) Advanced students of Chinese: a high school diploma or above.

7) Ceramic art student of International Summer College: corresponding artistic accomplishment and basic pottery making skills  

Application materials include : (the following materials are in triplicate, with Chinese translation required)

u the application form

u resume

u ten one- inch bareheaded color photos,  one electronic bareheaded color photo

u studying intention application  (A4 size printing, handwritten signature)

u applying for a master's degree, should have a recommendation letter from a qualified expert above associate professor. Applicants for the Master's degree in art should also provide a collection of works

u copies of highest diploma and transcripts

u copies of passport and the visa page

u international check-up report

u no history of major diseases proof (or commitment letter from parents)

u admission and registration fee is RMB 500

Main majors for International Students:

u a bachelor's degree: 4 years of schooling (junior to undergraduate: 2 years of schooling, general advanced student : 0.5 to 4 years of schooling)

u inorganic non-metallic materials engineering

u environmental engineering,

u material chemistry

u mechanical design manufacturing and automation

u automation

u electronic science and technology

u material forming and control engineering

u industry and business management

u accounting

u international economy and trade

u financial management

u e-commerce

u sculpture

u ceramic art and design

n environmental design

n computer science and technology

n information and computation science

n English

n Japanese

n public Affairs management

n  legal science

n physical education

n  energy and power engineering

n a master's degree: 3 years of schooling  (average advanced students: 0.5 to 3 years)

n  aesthetics

n  industry economics

n  ideological and political education

n  literature

n  science of art

n  science of Fine Arts

n  science of design art

n  archaeology and museology

n  specialized history

n  probability and mathematical statistics

n science and civilization

n  machinery and electronics engineering

n  mechanical design and theory

n  material physics and chemistry

n  material science

n  thermal engineering

n  microelectronics and solid-state electronics

n  control theory and control engineering

n  computer application technology

n  environmental engineering,

n  accounting

n  enterprise management

u Doctoral degree3 years of schooling general advanced students0.5 to3 years

n science of design

n material science and engineering

Tuition, accommodation fee and other fees

Tuition, accommodation fee and payment time

Academic level


Tuition (RMB)

School time

Advanced students

Academic students


ArtSocial Science

20000/ year

24000 / year

School starts in September and   February each year. Applications will be accepted before that date.

Science and engineering

16000 / year

20000 / year

Literature and history

16000/ year

20000 / year

Graduate students


24000/ year

28000 / year

Science and engineering

20000/ year

24000 / year

Doctoral students

Artscience of design

46000/ year

48000/ year

Material science and engineering

39000/ year

44000/ year

Advanced students of Chinese

Literature and history

16000/ year

International ceramic art tour students


240-400/ dayIn accordance with the mutual agreement, including food,   accommodation, city transportation, travel and other expenses

Study time: September to December   or in accordance with mutual agreement


Application fee  :¥500

Accommodation fee Two-bed standard room on campus   (equipped with air conditioner, color TV, water heater and independent   toilet)

1650 RMB/semester, bed

The insurance premium:

Students who have not applied for international insurance before entering China shall pay medical insurance and comprehensive accident insurance during their stay in China in addition to the tuition fee and accommodation fee, and the fees shall be subject to the time of study and the insurance company's premium standards at that time.

Contact: International School of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China



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