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Offline Teaching of JCI International Students Having been Resumed in an Orderly Way

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In the International School, the classrooms that have been empty for months are full of the hum and frolic of various languages. Students of different colors sat neatly in the classroom. Different from the usual class, everyone wore medical masks, and the corners of the desks were marked with red stickers that read: "Strong protection, No panic, Trust in science, No rumors."

This is a day when International School resumed its offline teaching after the epidemic.


Overseas students of different colors sitting in the classroom

"It feels good! Students are in a much higher mood than usual." said Wang Xiaojuan, a teacher in charge of the Chinese language course. “The most important thing about learning is that you have internal motivation. When classes start now, students will take the initiative to cooperate with each other. The classroom interaction and homework completion are very good.”

"When I sent the notice of resuming the offline class to the group, the overseas students responded positively and expressed their expectation to switch to the offline class as soon as possible." "The notice gives a sense of 'we're going to get back to normal' and everyone feels positive." said Ding Lei at the end of the first offline class.

"I have been looking forward to resuming offline classes for a long time.I think the situation is stable and under control now and I believe everything is on track." Yaser, a student from Cameroon, is delighted to have offline classes again.

Due to the practical nature of the pottery making course, the online teaching effect was not good. After a few months, the overseas students finally welcomed back the pottery practice course.


Teacher checking student’s assignment before class

In class, the overseas students gathered around the teacher to watch him doing throwing and listened intently. "Language is a big problem." Zhao Xin, the teacher of the course, said that there are some barriers to communication due to the fact that many ceramic terms are difficult to express in English. However, In the future, Zhao Xin will prepare bilingual speeches and distribute them to students in class, so that they can be understood and communicated in class.

It is learned that since May 9, the overseas students living in other provinces of China have returned to JCI one after another, and there are altogether 61 international students on campus now. The rest of the overseas students who had chosen to return to their motherlands have applied for a semester suspension, and the time to return will be determined according to the development of the epidemic situation. In the course arrangement aspect, the International School prepares to offer courses such as the Chinese language, the Chinese calligraphy, the Taijiquan, An Introduction of China, the Pottery Art and so on.


Overseas students watching teacher doing throwing

Before resuming offline classes, JCI organized teachers to act as "network anchors", allowing students of different colors and races to meet in the cloud. The teacher in charge of course operation of International School introduced that since February 17th, International School began to carry out online teaching in the way of "live broadcast platform + learning exchange group + courseware assistance". The live broadcast link will be sent by the teacher to the group, and students only need to click the link to attend the class.

During the quarantine of international students, Zhang Jingjing, dean of the International School, kept an eye on the problems in the working group of the school and in the international students' group every day, and communicated with them at any time. "After more than 100 days of unremitting efforts, and under the correct leadership and support of the university, the international students finally welcomed the resumption of classes. Thank you very much for your understanding, unity is strength!"

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