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The Ceramic Works Exhibition of JCI Resident Artists and International Students Opened in Taoxichuan

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On the afternoon of June 21, the Ceramic Works Exhibition of JCI Resident Artists and Overseas Students was held at Piaotao gallery, Taoxichuan creative square in Jingdezhen. Zhang Jingjing, Deputy Dean of International School of JCI, Matt, representative of American artists and doctoral supervisor of Alfred university, Japanese artist Yasuda, takeshi, and Korean artist Piao Zhongyi attended the opening ceremony. More than 50 representatives of JCI resident artists and overseas students attended the opening ceremony.


At the opening ceremony, Zhang Jingjing first expressed her gratitude to the exhibitors and planners, and wished the exhibition a complete success.She said that although the preparation time of the exhibition is not long, but the exhibition effect is good, which fully reflects the cohesion of everyone. "In the future, JCI will hold more exhibitions to provide more opportunities and places for you. I also hope resident artists and overseas students can create more good works." said Zhang and she then declared the exhibition open.

Matt, Yasuda, takeshiand Piao Zhongyispoke at the ceremony. They said that Jingdezhen ceramic culture has a long history and is worth studying attentively. The ceramic art circle is an open, small society that allows artists from all over the world to communicate and tolerate each other. They expressed their hope that visitors to the exhibition can gain something from it.

In his speech, Robert, a graduate student and representative of JCI international students, said that the exhibition is not only interesting, but also allows people to experience different ideas of different artists and learn from the diverse cultures of different countries.


The exhibition includes 38 works by 10 foreign artists and 21 overseas students. The authors come from 14 countries, including the United States, The United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Romania, Malaysia, Iraq, Denmark, Uganda, Kenya, Belgium and India. The exhibition runs until June 28.


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