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Overseas Students of JCI Won an Award in the 2018 Yichun International Farming Fitness Invitational

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Recently, the 2018 International Farming Fitness Invitational was held in Yichun. The South Korean overseas students of JCI attended the invitational and won the sixth place in the international group and the "Outstanding Participation Award".


The invitational invited 13 international teams from 12 countries along the “Belt and Road” including Pakistan, South Korea, Tanzania, India, Yemen, Kazakhstan and Cambodia. These international teams competed with the 35 teams from China.

The farming fitness competition aims to show folk sports, illustrate folk customs, highlight sports fun and advocate national fitness. It has always tried to enrich the content and form of fitness activities so as to promote the development of national fitness and rural agriculture. The farming fitness competition has given full play to the unique role of sports in enhancing the international community's sense of identity and affinity with China, and strengthened the cohesion and confidence of the Chinese nation.

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