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JCU students on campus celebrated the Chinese New Year

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Writing Spring Festival couplets, making dumplings, guessing lantern riddles .....On February 4th, the 23rd day of the 12th month in the Chinese lunar calendar, 48 students who stayedatschool during winter vacation celebrated the lunar New Year together. Teachers and students gather together to experience the unique flavor of theNew Year and feel the warmth of home. Hu Linrong, Deputy Party Secretary of JCU, and Zeng Desheng, member of the Party Committee and Head of the Department of Publicity, came to the scene to celebrate the festival with the students.

In the International Ceramic Studio, the teachersmajoringincalligraphy introduced theauspiciousimplication of Spring Festival couplets to everyone, whiledemonstratingthe calligraphy of Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character "fu". Under the teacher's careful guidance, students picked up brushes, triedwritingcouplets and the character "fu". Thenthe Spring Festival couplets, with faint ink and auspicious connotations, written by the students, expressed everyone's expectations and hopes for the New Year.

"I feel happy on this traditional festival." Affected by the epidemic,Shimaidi, an overseas student from Egypt, gave up the chance to return home during the winter vacationlike other overseas students, and started to spend the Spring Festival in place. Under the background of red paper and dark ink, the students can feel the traditional Chinese culture and experience the rich flavor of the New Year.Shisaid he not only learned to write Spring Festival couplets, but also fell in love with the "Chinese red".

With the joint efforts of teachers and students, the couplets andpieces ofpaper-cut made the room peaceful and filled with the festive "Chinese red". Everyone talked about the Chinese New Year and their own feelings.

Among the students who stayed at school during the vacation, many are students majoringin art.In order to let them have a meaningful Spring Festival holiday, teachers came to create workson the theme of Chinese zodiacwith students, expressing the best wishes for the New Year.

"The year2021 is the year of the ox, and there are many qualities we can learn from the ox."Since the Year of the Ox is approaching. teacher Wei Xiaohao is working with his students to create the work "Pioneer Ox". "The cattle works hard quietly to create wealth for us human-beings" Wei said.He hoped thatin the New Year,young students can learn the spirit of cattle, be pioneering and innovative, and contribute their youth to the realization of the Chinese dream.

"It's awesome to combine learning with celebrating the Spring Festival." With the joint efforts of teachers and students, a cow sculpture with vivid expression and rich connotation appeared in front of everyone. Everyone took out their mobile phones to take photos and record theirfruits of labour.

Students also used their imaginations to make clay sculptures of cows.There are also teachers and students who did ceramic painting on porcelain plates. The theme works of the ox not only interpreted the ox in everyone's minds, but also expressed their expectations for the Year of the Ox.

With the help of the canteen staff, the students were divided into several groupsto make dumplings. They rolled up their sleeves to wrap the stuffing and knead the lace. The lively scene was likecelebratingthe Spring Festival at home.


While cooking dumplings, students enthusiastically participated in guessing lantern riddles, actively giving full play to their intelligence and wisdom, analyzing the puzzles hanging under the lanterns, and scrambling totakethe correctanswersto the staff for prizes. Everyone's face was brimming with happy smiles.

After the hot dumplings were cooked, everyone couldn't wait to pick up their chopsticksto havethe dumplings with happy smiles on their faces.Hu Linrong,DeputySecretary of the Party Committee, came to the students and handed out red envelopes to them in turn, wishing them a happy Chinese New Year and academic progress on behalf of theuniversity. "All of you have answered the call of the country and chosen to stayatschool for the Spring Festival. I give you 'thumbs up' and hope you will have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival at school, and feel the warmth of school in winter vacation."

"Making dumplings with everyone felt like a holiday at home, and I was touched by the red envelope I received unexpectedly.Today's dumplings are very homey.I hope everyone can have an ordinary but extraordinary New Year, because teachers are always with us."said Shi Xin, a student of Grade 2018 , majoringinProductDesign.

Liu Jiajin, Director of Student Affairs (Department), said that in order to ensure the daily life of the students, theuniversityarranged accommodation for the students in accordance with the standard of two people per room on the basis of prevention and control of the epidemic. Counsellors were on duty all day to keep in touch with the students in time.At the same time, JCU also opens the library, campus supermarket, campus hospital, basketball court, and provides living allowance to ensure that students who stay on campus feel the warmth of "home" and have an interesting and meaningful Spring Festival.

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