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The French Consul General in Wuhan, Mr. Gui Yonghua and his delegation paid a visit to JCU

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On the morning of April 1st, Mr. Gui Yonghua, Consul General of France in Wuhan and his delegation paid a visit to JCU. Mei Shican, Party Secretary of JCU, and Vice President Lv Jinquan, met with the visiting guests in the Conference Room 801 of the Administration Building. The leadersfromthe Office of the Party Committee (President), the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, and the International School attended the meeting.

Mei Shican extended a warm welcome to Gui Yonghua and his delegation, introduced the development history of JCU and the situation of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, and presented the memorial porcelain for the 110thanniversary of JCU to Gui Yonghua.Mei Shican said that JingdezhenCeramic Universityis the only multi-disciplinary undergraduate university named after ceramics in China. Since its establishment, JCU has always adhered to the mission of "carrying forward Chinese ceramic culture and revitalizing China's ceramic industry", and shared the same destiny with the development of China's ceramic industry. Now it has developed into an important base for the cultivation of ceramic talents, the innovation of ceramic science and technology and the exchange of ceramic culture and art at home and abroad.JCUadheres to open education and actively carries out international cultural exchanges and cooperation. It has maintained a good cooperative relationship with many foreign art universities for a long time. It has made remarkable achievements in higher education cooperation, ceramic center construction, art and culture exchanges and other aspects.He expressed hishope to further expand and deepen the mutually beneficial cooperation,exchanges and mutual learning with French universities and research institutions in the future and make due contributions to the greater development of China-France relations.

Gui Yonghua thanked JCU for its warm reception and affirmed the achievements made by JCU in the field of ceramic talents training and international exchanges and cooperation. Gui Yonghua said that ceramics originated in Jingdezhen and were inherited from Jingdezhen. Ceramic artworks are sought after in France and have been deeply loved by the French people. He said that France is willing to carry out in-depth cooperation with JCU , support the construction of international programs of JCU, provide better services for its development , and promote cultural exchanges between the two countries.

The participants had in-depth exchanges and discussions on cooperation in personnel training, artistic creation, academic research and other aspects.

Gui Yonghua and his delegation also came to the International Academic Lecture Hall to share the information of studying in France with the students.Xiao Rang, the director of Wuhan Center of French Higher Education Agency, and Chu Xuedi, the consultant for studying in France, introduced French culture and French higher educationand explained the basic process and matters needing attention for studying in France in detail.

During the visit, the delegation visited the exhibition of Professor Ning Lin's works, the exhibition hall of foreign artists' works of International Ceramic Studio and theInternationalStudents' Ceramic Studio of International School.

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