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Six Majors of JCI Being Approved to be 2019 National First-class Major Construction Sites

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Recently, Office of the Ministry of Education issued "the list of 2019 national and provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites". Six majors of JCI, namely mechanical design, manufacturing and automation", "inorganic non-metallic materials engineering", "animation" , "sculpture", "visual communication design" and "ceramic art and design" were approved as national first-class major construction sites.

In addition, 13 majors namely "physical education" , "information and computation science" "materials physics" , "materials chemistry" "powder materials science and engineering", "energy and power engineering", "electronic science and technology", "computer science and technology" , "environmental engineering", "information management and information system", "painting", "environmental design" and "product design" were approved as provincial first-class major construction sites.

JCI will continue to be in accordance with the OBE concept and national standard of undergraduate teaching. Through first-class major construction, JCI will further make clear its school-running orientation, integrate all supreme specialty resources, promote other specialty construction, so as to establish the school specialty system which conforms to the school goal orientation, adapts to the national strategic needs, meets the demand of ceramic industry development and the local economic construction and maintains international competitiveness.

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