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JCI Becomes a Member of the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Arts, Design and Media (CUMULUS)

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On 30 May, the Membership Conference of the CUMULUS was held in Rovaniemi, the provincial capital of Lapland, Finland.

After voting by 279 member units from over 50 countries, our school became the CUMULUS member unit, the first member unit of colleges and universities in Jiangxi province.

Our school sent a six-member delegation headed by Lv Jinquan, dean of the School of Ceramic Art to participate in the new member election and display activities. In November 2018, School of Design and Art, School of Ceramic Art and International School of JCI jointly accepted the recommendation of Aalto University and Central Academy of Fine Arts, and formally submitted the application report and detailed examination materials to the member units. In March 2019, JCI passed the rigorous preliminary examination of CUMULUS and obtained the on-the-spot election qualification of new members.


After the meeting, Lv Jinquan, the head of the delegation, presented the work of President Ning Gang to Ms. Mariana, the new President of CUMULUS.

Being a member of CUMULUS is not only an important result of active international exchanges and cooperation, but also a landmark of the construction of design discipline and the promotion of internationalization. It provides a more high-quality resource and platform for the in-depth development of international academic exchanges and joint research projects of design of JCI.

CUMULUS (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media), was jointly founded in 1990 by Aalto University, Finland, the Royal college of Art, UK and Danish Design School and other colleges of design. It is the only international association of colleges of art, design and media officially confirmed by the UNESCO. It is composed of influential design schools in Europe and other countries and regions in the world. Its purpose is to provide a platform and service for exchange and cooperation for high-level design art and design education.


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