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Three New Undergraduate Programs Have been Approved

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Three New Undergraduate Programs Have been Approved

The Ministry of Education has announced the results of the 2019 annual registration and approval of undergraduate majors in ordinary institutions of higher learning. Three undergraduate majors, namely "Chinese Language International Education", "Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering" and "Artificial Intelligence" applied by JCI have been successfully registered by the Ministry of Education.

The establishment of these three majors is one of the important measures of JCI to respond to the Jingdezhen National Ceramic Culture Inheritance and Innovation Pilot Zone, to meet actively the needs of economic and social development, to optimize constantly the professional structure, and promote continuously the benign interaction among industrial chain, innovation chain and professional chain.  Up to now, undergraduate programs of JCI have amounted to 57. The school, in accordance with the national standard requirements for the teaching quality of undergraduate major, will further integrate teaching resources, pool up superior strengths, consolidate the connotation of the major, strengthen the construction of the major, and constantly improve the quality of talent training.



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