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JCI Held the 110th Anniversary Celebration Kick-off Meeting

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On the morning of June 12, the 110th anniversary launching conference was held in conference room 307 at Xianghu Campus. Hu Linrong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of JCI and director of the office in charge of the celebration, attended and presided over the meeting.


Kick-off meeting of the 110th anniversary celebration

Hu Linrong pointed out that the 110th anniversary celebration is not only an important node in the history of the development of JCI, but also a great event of this year. Through series of celebration activities, the history of JCI and its fruitful achievements will be shown, the reputation of JCI will be promoted, its social influence will be expanded. All the teachers and students and alumni at home and abroad will be united so as to accelerate "double top" construction and realize the goal of building a world-class university.

In terms of the preparations for the 110th anniversary celebration, he proposed three requirements : first, everyone involved should unify their thinking and really understand the significance of the 110th anniversary in inheriting fine traditions, pooling the strength of all parties and promoting the development of JCI. Second, everyone should shoulder the responsibility, carefully organize and coordinate the relationship between the daily work and the preparation of the celebration, doing the preparatory work of the celebration with a higher level, a more macro perspective and a more pragmatic style ; Third, everyone should take the responsibility to strengthen the communication with the society, especially the alumni. Moreover, the working group shall encourage the alumni, governments at all levels and all sectors of society to pay more attention to and support JCI, so as to enhance the attraction and influence of it to talents and the society.

Zeng Desheng, member of the University Party Committee, Minister of the Publicity Department of JCI and deputy director of the celebration office, explained the significance, preliminary preparation and theme of the activities in preparation for the 110th anniversary celebration.

Directors of all departments and schools, and all members of the celebration work office attended the meeting.

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