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JCI Having been selected as the 2020 Talent Training Base Program of Sino-Foreign Exchanges of Humanities in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing

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JCI Having been selected as the 2020 Talent Training Base Program of Sino-Foreign Exchanges of Humanities  in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing30:58

Recently, the Sino-Foreign Humanities Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education released the list of the "Talent Training Base Program for Sino-Foreign Humanities Exchange in the Field of Intelligent Manufacturing", and JCI was selected as the second batch of universities to be prepared to build the talent training base program in the field of intelligent manufacturing in 2020. A total of 39 undergraduate institutions were selected in the first and second batch of universities in China.

To meet the demand of Jiangxi Inland Open Economy Pilot Zone construction and serving the "Belt and Road" international cooperation, based on its distinctive disciplines, JCI will further enhance teachers’ and students’ intelligent manufacturing technology skills, innovation ability and the ability of cross-cultural communication, promote the benign interaction between the industrial chain, the innovation chain and specialty chain. Therefore, it can support Jingdezhen National Ceramic Culture Inheritance and Innovation Pilot Zone construction and also set up a leading role in the intelligent manufacturing practice of sino-foreign cultural exchanges platform and brand project. 



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